Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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Thank you to online TV! I am able to watch my favorite TV shows. I recently watched GA latest episode which is Stairway to Heaven. It was very touching. Actually, the story was about a boy who needs a liver and intestines to survive and about a PDR- prisoner- death row brain patient who would be sentenced to death in five days. Time is ticking for the bot and in less than 24 hours he would die…

In an ordinary plot, the prisoner might be able to give his organs to the kids because he is dying anyway. But, no! The writers of GA are so great and have brilliant ideas! I loved the twist.

The PDR died the right way- punished for killing a number of women. The boy did not die. There was a brain dead patient and his wife was pursuaded by the chief to donate his organs and let go…

Well, the moment the prisoner closed his eyes, the boy opened his… Now that was an expected act but still touching.

Tomorrow, I would be watching if Derek would finally propose to Meredith…

Good business

on January-19-09

A beauty expert was caught stuttering when asked about the hotline number of her business. I think she should get an 800 number series which is easier to remember. If you would notice, most toll free numbers has the 800 number series. If you are planning to get one for your own business or establishment, get it from Surely, having a land line number as point of contact would help you acquire more customers. It is always good business!

Mindful eating

on January-17-09

We saw a young lady in a restaurant last Sunday and she was skinny. Well, what was so special about that? She was a hearty eater! Not that we watched her all through the dinner but she could catch the attention of anyone. She was eating alone but her table was full of food! Young ones could still afford to eat like that because their metabolisms are still working fast. Oh, envious! Wait, till she gets older. She has to take exercise seriously and might even use a diet supplement like Leptovox. I would say that mindful eating should be practiced by everyone.

No more asthma?

on January-16-09

I am not sure about the facts but they say that if a child has asthma, he must survive it until he reaches seven years old. If after seven, he still has it, then he would have it for life. My son has asthma. Whenever he has colds that eventually progress into a cough then expect that asthma attack would follow. This had always been the cycle since we discovered that he has this condition. Last week, he had colds again then cough, fever and even loose bowel movement. We knew already what to do. I bought his usual medicines and the tubes for his nebulizer. Wait now! No asthma attacks! He was down for almost a week but no asthma! I am very happy about this! Would it mean that he had survived the condition? We pray hard for it to go away.

Pet talk

on January-16-09

boneEverybody deserves a companion. That is why, one marries or has a partner. No man is an island, as they say. However, others are not just as lucky. One of my office mates was asked if he has already a family, he answered that he has dogs! Well, no wonder when I saw him at the nearby grocery store, his cart was full of dog supplies. Not that I was intrigued but I just did some internet browsing about pets and I found Jefferspet. I would definitely tell him about this site. Actually, I saw a cute product that his dogs might love. It is a talking bone! Yes, you could record your voice in it so that your pet could still hear you even when you are away.

Just like the skin

on January-16-09

Hey, if you heard about a woman complaining about some itchiness, do not judge them! It could be due to vaginal dryness. Just like the skin, it could dry too! The condition is common among the older women population. Once a woman reached the menopausal stage, this condition might appear. It always pays to visit the OB- gynecologist. Usually a vaginal cream moisturizer is being prescribed.

Space saver, life saver

on January-16-09

elips3 We have a treadmill in our house. Two years ago, we have decided to do some exercises because we feel that we are getting old and a short walk makes us catch our breath already. At first, we were excited and we were able to really make use of it. You know what? If you would look at it right now, it still looks new. The reason is that it has been standing there at our living room for eight months now! I think because we could not set it up right away because of its size. That is why we are thinking of buying a new equipment that is more of a space saver. I looked at some ellipticals and fell in love with new designs. I would definitely save for this one!

Everything based on trust

on January-14-09

I met with some friends last night. It is a good therapy to chat with buddies once in a while because of healthy topics being discussed. Funny but as we go along, we could connect one story to another. Apparently, there would be some changes that would happen in one of my friends’ work organization. Their manager called for a forum in connection to the new member that would come into the group. Well, their manager is doing a good job because she wants to keep the harmony at the floor. Happy employees mean good production and all of those would be transferred to good profit. everybody happy, as they say.

I think that everything should be be based on trust. You trust me, I trust you. However, trust could not be attained or just be given away that easy. One has to earn it. Does he deserve that trust to be given to him?

Every company for that matter is working hard for that trust converted to followers or customers. Many have the taste of success and continue to work hard or even harder to keep it.One of them is boston moving company. This company has been with the business for over 40 years. The employees here are happy thus they serve the customers well. definitely, they deliver and make sure that all your things will arrive on time and safely.

I have been working for the longest time and I do trust my company. I hope they do give me that same trust also.

I would like to have a change for the year and one of them is to start harvesting the awards generously given to this blog. Here are the first two and hopefully not the last from my friend, Sasha.

smile award


Here are the qualifications to receive this award:

A. Display a cheerful attitude.
B. Love one another.
C. Make mistakes.
D. Learn from others.
E. Be a positive contributor to the blog world.
F. Love life.
G. Love kids.

The Rules:
1. Please link back!
2. Post the rules
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4. Recipients must fill the characteristics above
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Over The Top award


To receive this award your blog must be exceptional in design and content; presenting us with new knowledge, a sense of style, or at times just giving us a smile!

Please enjoy this honor and consider yourself just a little bit “Over The Top”.

Thanks again, Sasha!

tv1It is the time of the year again that we need to do general cleaning. Replace a furniture maybe or let go of those we do not use anymore. Usually, there are traditions that we really follow like giving away old clothes, throw away those shoe boxes that had been stuck at your dresser and the like. I think, what I have mentioned mostly apply to women because they are the ones with much clutter? Men usually would like more space in any area of the house.

It is encouraged to keep things light and in order. At our own household, I would like to purchase a new tv stand like the one in the picture. What we have right now is a big one that occupies a wide area in the house. I feel heavy looking at it and it had been with us for almost a decade already. I am thinking that it does not belong to the living anymore. Maybe, I should just put that at the second floor.