Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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Well, I always choose comfort. I am done with all that of being presentable. You know, I prefer wearing slippers now than wearing shoes. Well, especially if I would have to take a long walk or hours of standing like during shopping! There were a few times that I was sort of shy to wear slippers that was why I had to suffer aching feet.

Yesterday, we went to a family gathering with the plan to go to the mall afterwards. You know for the Christmas shopping. I have not bought gifts yet for my friends. For godchildren, it is always money to give. My hubby told me that I looked like I am going to the wet market. He and my kid were wearing their best. Oh, well, I already got him,who am I to impress? Nobody else anymore. Well, so I went. You know what? One of my relatives gave me a pair of new sneakers! My hubby told me that maybe my cousin thought that I do not have footwear! Ha,ha,ha! Well, it paid off? Kidding aside, I did not want the thought of foot pain anymore. Today, we are going out again. Well, slippers? Nah, the sneakers given to me are comfortable. :-)

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My cousin arrived from the states to spend Christmas here. Oh, my! She and the rest of her family are all wearing eyeglasses! I wonder if they frequent the popular online eyeglasses shop which is Zenni. Well, if they do not know about it yet, I will convince them to do so because that would mean a lot of savings for them. They are quiet well off though but it does not mean that they would not look on better deals that are available. They should check the Holiday Glass Frames From Zenni Optical and more! Well, my cousin who is the mother of the two boys would really thank me if after learning that she could get $ 8 Complete Rx Eyeglasses from Zenni!

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Good subjects

on December-21-08

It is Christmas season and there are lots of photo opportunities. I am sure that some of you have taken some great shots. There are many good subjects for the season.

Even if I am not a photographer or does not have a good camera, I love taking pictures. If time and money would allow, I would like to purchase a digital camera with lens. One of my friends took a photography course. I wonder if she would like to win in the 2008 Photograph of the Year contest.

What is the contest about? Log on to the group, upload photos and you would be qualified to join the contest. Who knows? You might be the lucky winner.

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The sweetness of her voice

on December-21-08

I have been away from blogging lately. No drops, no entries, no comments. Anyways, I have been busy what? Well, office, sleeping and watching TV! Actually watching some of my favorite US shows online. Thanks to those sites that make that possible. Just a while ago, I finished watching episode 10 of Grey’s Anatomy’s season 5. I like the episode. There are many stories in each episode but the one that struck me was the case of a woman who had not spoken for five years and she just communicated with his husband by the use of post-its containing short responses like yes and no! Oh, how hard that situation could be. The mighty and yummy Mark Sloan performed a procedure for her to speak again. The scene when she finally said hi to her husband was really touching.

Come to think of it. Could you live this life without a voice? I could not. I am a very expressive and sometimes even considered as a loud person. Moreover, I love to hear other people’s voices too! Oh, I could not forget the first time my son called me Mommy and said I love you.

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What is in the box?

on December-17-08

I was so excited every time my boyfriend then, now my husband would be going back from his work abroad for a vacation. Actually, he only went for a vacation twice then he stayed here with me for good.

He always asked me then what gift I want. Do I want a perfume or a bag or a watch maybe? Oh, if only he knew that all I wanted was him and nothing material. Actually I always tell him that. I am so in love with him.

We have been away from each other for so long and there were times that he would promise to go back here for a vacation yet he did not. All I got were those presents that he asked me about.

The time had come that he eventually kept his promise. He came back. I was so excited! What did he bring me? I do not know. But I saw this big square box. I was shy to ask him. He had always known me to be very modest about things and I really never ask for anything material from him. Well, I found out that the box is actually Cigars. His boss gave him some money to buy those for him and give it to his father. How thoughtful! Well, my husband is a non-smoker.

So, what did I got from that trip? Do you ever wonder what he had in store for me then? He gave me his name.

Get a franchise

on December-16-08

It is another day to live. Another day to pass. Another day to spend on. Oh, this cycle is endless. Sometimes, we run out of money and we would just like time to stop and move again when money is already here. Then we could live again. Buy food. Spend for transportation. Pay for bills. Then here comes the news about global crisis! Oh, problems and more problems. Each of us are directly or indirectly affected somehow.

What shall we do? There is even the threat of lay offs in some companies. That is why I am thinking that we really should not be contented on what we earn. No, we should not hold strikes but we should act on it on our own ways. We should save and put that savings in a good investment in the future. Yes, I believe that having a good business, an earning one is a good back up.

Before, we were considering on looking at a Franchise For Sale. We would like to try the food business. Everybody eats and there would be a stable clientèle. However, it is always hard to build an image. So why not get a franchise? Make sure that the one that you would buy is already established in a way and has a good following. That way, it is like that you do not really have to start from scratch. Check on the site that offers business opportunities for sale.You could find it at

Christmas rush

on December-16-08

Time really flies and Christmas is here. Just a few days and gifts would be opened. I have not really bought the gift that my son wanted. I have concentrated on buying him new clothes like pants, NFL Jerseys, polo shorts and the like because he is big already and most of his clothes do not fit him anymore. I make sure though that I keep the purchasing to the minimum because kids grow up in no time at all!

Anyways, time is really precious and it seems not enough for everything I want to do and I must do. Right now, since our hot shower is still not yet fixed, I am heating the water for my bath with a separate water heater, plug type. It would take around five to ten minutes so I am making use of those extra time to search online. I found this online shop that offers the coolest NFL uniform sets. Wow, for an affordable price of P39.99. Whatever team he is rooting for, you could get it. There are also National Football League, Major League Baseball, National Hockey League, and NCAA Collegiate merchandise. What a great site! The answer for my rush shopping. I might get some of those for my nephews and god sons!

7 random Things about me

on December-10-08

At long last, I am able to write this one. Thank you to Sasha for this tag!

1. I am dead lazy at times! I can sleep for almost 24 hours a day or just lie down on my bed watching my favorite TV shows.

2. I can eat a whole bread loaf in one sitting.

3. If can sleep for almost 24 hours, I could also stay awake for more than 24 hours. I could still remember when I was younger, I was awake for 48-72 hours! That was during the Holy Week when we had lots of activities.

4. I do not like to attend Christmas parties or any party for that matter during my years in solitude. I thought that the only company that I could enjoy was that of my boyfriend who worked abroad that time.

5. It would take me a day to shop for a single item or sometimes go home with nothing at all. I am not that choosy. I just do not like to buy something that I would regret buying .

6. I wanted to become an actress before. Yes, a stage or TV personality maybe.

7. I love to sing also and bought a karaoke out of my Christmas money. I could sing along whole day also for two consecutive days. I did that during weekends of course.
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I love football!

on December-10-08

Do you love football? I do! I used to play football during my elementary days. That is why, I would like to thank Carlsberg for this web TV site which you can find at . Yes, it is actually made for football fans like you and me. From now on, don’t miss on anything football. Just log on to this site and watch and learn and be informed of your favorite game!

Cut on car allowance

on December-6-08

Now that there is global crisis, I wonder if the Car Allowance of privileged employees would be affected. Most companies now are formulating ways to cut on expenses. I know one company that is not even going to hold its yearly holiday party. I hope that bonuses would still be given. There are those that have planned ahead already and it would be a big disappointment just in case the money they are expecting will not be given.

Going back to gas and vehicle expenses of the company, I think the better solution is to get a consultant or an outsource that would really take a look in that area. I wonder if the company I am working for have a vehicle reimbursement program. I observe a few practices like our shuttle service and the provided cars and gas allowance for the employees. Everything is done manually. For example, the driver would have a log book of where the passengers will put their names and destination. There is an allotted time for the shuttle to leave and come back to and from the office for that matter. How about doing it systematically right?

I think I would suggest for our big bosses or the budget department to check out Corporate Reimbursement Services, Inc. It could be a solution or an ally to review that company program.

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