Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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What’s for breakfast?

on October-23-08

Hmmmm…I smell tocino, fried rice with lots of garlic and sunny side up egg! I have to wake up already! It is breakfast time! My hubby is already there at the kitchen doing his favorite chore! Cooking! Yes, my husband loves to cook and he could not miss breakfast. Expect that he would be grumpy all day if he missed that meal.

How about you? What do you eat for breakfast?

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Blessed are the children

on October-22-08

i would like to go back being a child again when…
you do not have to worry what and how you would eat…
everything will be taken cared of by your loving parents…
the clothes you would wear…the buying, washing,pressing…and all that…
the food you are going to eat…
the money that you would spend…
all you have to do is ask or not even…
sometimes your parents are very generous…
you will be provided of the things you need without asking…
sometimes, you get a bonus…you get the things that you want.
oh, the children are really blessed.
i miss my childhood…those parts of my being a kid..

i matured young though.
at the age of 12, i already experienced that responsibility of taking care of my two sisters.
life can also be painful at times for kids who are not spared the realities of life…

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I missed it!

on October-21-08

Oh, I missed the CSI last night. Actually, I was trying to turn the remote control to and fro the show that we were usually watching but my son has this power over me. We ended up watching “Three Dads and One Mom” at ABS CBN channel 2. I was able to just took a peek and I saw that Mac’s son was saved. I do not know what happened next. Oh well, I just have to grab the DVD copy of Season 4, I guess.

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Watching CSI

on October-21-08

Riding the taxi- how safe is a taxi ride? CSI New York is featuring crimes inside the cab. I just do not know if the killer will already be captured in the next episode. I would be able to find out tommorow.

Last Tuesday….

I just finished watching CSI.The taxi cab driver is still on the lose.Oh, it gets exciting and full of suspense. That is why I love CSI.I have a haunch though that it could be the coin cleaner who is the killer? Criminals are very intelligent to get away. It is 2am now. I got much TV already though I am not sleepy yet. I am tempted to open the PC and search for CSI New York episodes. What is being shown here are not the latest ones so I am sure that most of you already know what the end of the story is. I do not know if I can still wait until Tuesday for the next episode.

Oh well, it is Tuesday here once again. I have to wait for the replay though because my housemates are not fond of watching CSI.

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by © TreyMir

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“Whatever good that would come out of this, because of the popularity of your TV show, more people would know about this foundation, I CAN SERVE foundation.

I had a fantastic time!”

That was Lea Salonga’s words when the show was about to end. She chose to open the suitcase#16. She said that it was the birthday of her daughter that is why she chose number 16. There were four numbers to open and the highest offer was about 200K.Pardon my short memory loss of the exact amount. Anyways, the values of the four numbers were: 500,1M, 300K and 50(?). She opened number 10 and it got the 1M. The offer went down to P70K. She went on the game and chose #1- it got 50.

Well, she said she had a great time. It was fun watching her too. She was so real and so simple. It also showed her personality of being brave and a person who love risks. Everyone in the world know how far she had gone because of this.

Lea Salonga makes a Filipino proud!
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I am talkative?

on October-17-08

There was a forwarded e-mail in the office about zodiac signs. Of course, I read it… Actually, we read it together, around five of us in the office. Well, I blurted out…I am talkative? They replied in unison… No you are not! You are very talkative… Well, it also said there that I am compromising and humorous…. and some other good traits…

Anyways, on my blog hop, I saw this one from Mousey.

It is a blogthing on what kind of animal you are…


You Were a Parrot

You are a master of language, and you use your wit to mock and tease others.

But you are also wise, and you often think carefully before you speak.

I would say that I am a woman of many words. I do not mock nor tease others though.
However, I am good in impersonation.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Waterfall Rainbow by stormrider_uk

Waterfall Rainbow

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Manic Monday#2- Moon

on October-12-08

The midnight moon

The single witness of what is happening under that dark sky

The stars were quiet

The moon would like to say something

Look at it carefully

Sometimes images, you could see

What could be the mystery?

PhilAm Scare

on October-6-08

I think I have heard about the news about AIG a few weeks ago. I just shrugged my shoulders about it not knowing its impact on my insurance investment. It is just today that I fully understand about it. One of ABS CBN’s headlines is about the selling of PhilAM.

I bought an educational plan for my son and I do not know what to do with it right now. I also have a pension plan from them.

The officials of the company would like to assure the plan holders not to worry.

I guess, I just have to keep my fingers crossed.

If PhilAm failed to survive this crisis then it would mean the fall down of the insurance business here in the country.