Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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I had spent the day watching TV! After the showbiz talk show that I watched a while ago, one of the featured stories of Balitang K, hosted by Korina Sanchez caught my interest. It was about a married couple. The man is actually a gay. They actually get their source of living from the beauty parlor where the husband is a beautician. They had four or five children..I think… There came a time that the husband came back to being gay and fell in love with a man again… Do you know what happened? They are now living together under one roof. All three of them!

This the showbiz talk show that I used to watch long time ago! Nadia Montenegro is the guest in The Buzz right now! She lambasted on Cristy Fermin and poured her heart out. She even mentioned that she lost a friend seven months ago because of Cristy Fermin’s lies!

Nadia is invited because of the Gabby issue. Now, Nadia is clearing things out. She said that he hands are clean, she is just a friend of Gabby.

Why I am watching this? I am being entertained! And, yes, I am about the same age as Nadia. Meaning, she is one of those popular actresses during our time. She almost reached the top until she said yes to become the wife of a local politician here. But really, Nadia is one of the prettiest faces here! She gained weight but her face is still beautiful.

Photoshop Challenge

on September-27-08

Do you like looking at pictures? Would you know if it was photoshopped or not? I really do not know. I just take a look at them and do not scrutinize them. Anyways, there is a test that could tell if you have a good eye for a real photo. Here is the result of my exam???

Photoshop Quiz
Created By Their Toys

A reciprocal dropper

on September-27-08

I finished 234 drops today! Yey! This is the first time that I dropped many cards. Well, just take a look at my Alexa rating, you would know why I am working this hard, eh! Anyways, I read in one of the comments that you would get more drops if you were a reciprocal dropper. Well, that is very near from the true scenario because why would you drop on a site that snobs you, right? It is pretty obligatory to return those drops, IMO!

I am a reciprocal dropper. I only got a few drops though. That is why, I decided to exert a little effort so that many would return to me also. Out of those 234 drops, my drop inbox only got 34. I guess those I dropped by today will come back tomorrow. There is a time difference that is why. At 12PM here in the Philippines, it is just 12AM in other parts of the world. So, I have to start dropping again? Oh, so tiring! I am excited though to see my statistics improve. I think, the easiest way is through Entrecard? I hope so…

Electric Stove or Gas Range?

on September-22-08

If you live in a condominium, usually there is a restriction with regard to use of gas range in cooking. That is for fire prevention. I wonder how much their electric bill would be. I just received our electric bill today and it is higher by four hundred bucks. I tried to figure out how we spent it the past month. I realized that maybe because we ran out of gas thus had to settle using our electric stove. Now, I had to call the gas dealer to deliver one here. One LPG tank usually lasts for three months and if we are to convert that to electric consumption, that would mean more than 5& savings. Quite a lot, huh! Maybe we also have to really look into our usage also. As the commercial says: we have the power over our electric bill.

Finally cached in Google

on September-20-08

Yippee! This blog is already cached in Google. The key is really to write more posts for the bots. How about PR? Ha,ha,ha,ha! I know one blogger whose blogs have PR. All of them. Well, she is industrious and her articles are of quality. She is a good writer indeed. I hope to be like her but I do not have the luxury of time. So, for now, this blog would just be about me, my family, things I do, my opinions… Oh, who is the great blogger? She knows who she is when she reads this. Hey, girl, I really admire you!

Anyways, bye for now… I am just happy that this blog is finally cached in Google and I had to write this thought. Thanks, Mr. G.

Milk from China is contaminated? As I heard this over the news, I immediately checked the label of my son’s milk. It is not from China, thank goodness! What is happening to China products? Before it was the toys that were made there that were removed from the market, now it is their milk! This is more dangerous because milk is to be ingested and the result would be instant. I read that lots of babies died already?

Could this development an indication of bigger issues? We all know that China has the most manpower that is why most products are made there. However, are these laborers well paid? They say that labor in China is cheap.

Quality should never suffer. Well paid individuals certainly work better.

The Red Thing

on September-16-08

The red thing has been taking control of my life the past seven days. From the premenstrual period of sleepiness to the main thing of painful stomach, diarrhea, migraine, drowsiness, irritability and all. I have not been myself lately. I just wanted to lie down. Even my work in the office is affected. I got so many senseless mistakes because of carelessness? I am just not in focus. It is the good thing about women,eh? We have something to blame. That “end of a sentence” thing.Anyways, it is about to stop in a day or two. I am so glad! Finally, I would be relieved and hopefully I will become the normal me again! That is for another thirty days or so until the next cycle begins.

You Are Destined to Struggle With Your Weight

Like most people, you find it a little difficult to stay at at weight you’re comfortable with.

If you change a few habits and make food less important, you may find the struggle hardly exists anymore.

Are You Destined To Be Overweight?

It is September already. Ever year, I always tell myself that I have to lose some weight. I never stepped into the weighing scale lately. I know I have not been successful with that resolution. It is really hard for me to lose weight. Haaaayyyy….

Dream Big!

on September-13-08

I am so happy for my friend who just passed the NCLEX. I really admire her determination. I hope I can do it too. She went to a review center and she was able to do that while working. In spite of her busy schedule, she still has a life! She goes out to movies, parlor and shopping. She even has time for her friends. I wonder where she gets all her energy. Maybe to the word DREAM? Yes, I guess I have to work hard for it for me to be able to reach my dreams too! I could still remember when one of my friends asked me what my plans are. I am now asking myself, do I have any?

Life has been slack for me. I could not really say simple. Maybe, just complacent or I just live one day at a time. Is it wrong? I only have simple dreams. A family of my own… I realized though that it is not enough.