Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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Three-day vacation ends

on August-28-08

My three-day vacation ends today. It came by surprise to my husband though that I did not go to office today. He did not know that I was on vacation leave yesterday, eh! I wanted to cancel the leave but my superior told me that it has been submitted already. If I insisted, that could have not been pursued but then again I chose to oblige. I think I needed it anyway. I just stayed home. Less exposure. The malls are far from our place already and going there would mean a minimum of P500 to spend. I cannot squeeze it in to be part of our expenses as of the moment. It has been fruitful though staying home. At least I was able to finish some tasks that have been waiting to be touched for more than a month now.

So, what do I expect tomorrow as I go back to work? I hope that as usual everything will be well. I pray that there will be no external nor internal pressures to add to the difficulty of the job. What makes me happy going there are my peers. The salary too, of course!

I am joining the bandwagon!

Before I go and comment to my WW visitors, I have decided to join Entrecard. It is like hitting two birds in one stone, eh! Being able to thank my visitors, letting them know I visit them also and most of all gaining credits to advertise my blog to other blogs. Yes, I want to be known. After hibernation, I should see what the blogosphere has been up to!

I have not customized my widget yet. Anybody willing to create one for me? Anyways, I will be coming up with one soon!

A snake!

on August-27-08

A snake! My sister in law who happened to live in the same village as we, rushed and knocked to our door. She was gasping for air and told us that there was a snake inside their house! A few months ago, their neighbor caught one also. I am not surprised because this village was a farmland before. As a matter of fact, there is a vast area covered with grass that has not been developed yet. It is alarming though because the snake can be harmful. She asked my husband to catch it. Almost two hours has passed and they have not come back yet. I hope they will catch the snake soon.

Matteo Benedetti China Beijing summer palace 13

Who did not love Whitney Houston in one time or another? I love Whitney Houston. I think that she still is one of the best singers ever in America! Her songs are immortal too. Who does not know One Moment in Time, Didn’t We Almost Have It all, Saving All My Love For You and one of my favorites Run To You? I bet may had won a singing competition by singing one of these.

I would like to put the video of Run To You here because it is really my favorite. I always sing this song whenever I am lonely and it really relieves my stress. You can sing along too! And, oh by the way, the movie that goes with the song was such a hit, right? I watched it and I love that movie of Kevin Costner.

He is cranky again!

on August-25-08

I asked my husband yesterday to accompany me to the bank. I have to pay some bills and had to go to fax service also. We do not have a fax machine at home. Well, my errand cannot wait until tomorrow. I am actually going to file for a short-term loan again. Our budget seems not to suffice or last us until the next payday.

I woke up rather late at 10 AM. I went to the PC right away to check some e-mails. I can see that he is not in the mood. There is no food at the table yet. Well, I do not really take breakfast. Besides, can’t he do it himself? Oh, well… I love my husband. It is just that he is so cranky. All this time, his face is crumpled. So, I decided, I will not go to the bank anymore and let us all get hungry! Just kidding! I do not get on with his crankiness. I let it pass. Yes, I am that patient. Oh, he it is lunchtime already! Yes, still no food? He went out to buy it.

About the bank? Yes, we are still going.

I decided to make this blog alive again. I realized that I have written many things here already. However, I might have a new concept. Maybe a before and after sort of theme. Or just maybe anything that comes into my mind.

Since this is an incognito blog, meaning I am the only one who knows about it and blogger maybe…I am now joining memes and the famous entrecard so that this blog would have friends also.

I am thinking also to have limited labels like:

Family- be it about me and the rest of my family members

Home- actually it is related to family, what do you think? Maybe posts that will be labeled home would be things that are used in home. Yes, I would blog about home and household products that I use or would love to use and have

Before and after- changes before and after

Health- sometimes, I would post something about health topics too

Shopping- who does not love to shop? Especially that Christmas is just around the corner, I am sure I will be able to write about many items

Celebrity and Entertainment- be it TV shows, movies, celebrities. I am a couch potato, so to speak.

Finance- all financial issues

I might also do some posts about blogging, education, internet and jobs. Whew! There are really lots of things to blog about, right? That’s what I meant about limited? Eleven categories. Anyways, I hope to see more visitors and become friends with them in the long run.