Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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on March-18-08

Fields of beauty go for miles!

Yes, we got our bonus yesterday. This early huh! Thank God for it because I was able to use it for the following:

  1. Start our house construction
  2. Pay my dues for the three remaining active cards
  3. Pay for our TCP’s additional expense
  4. Pay other bills like loans, electic bills, water and phone

And of course, the remaining will be used for the day to day allowance.

It is really something to smile about, isn’t it?

Indeed, God is good, all the time!

The Joy of Commuting

on March-8-08

Who says that commuting or taking the public transportation could be so boring? I agree though, that if you were stuck in the traffic, it is like being imprisoned in that vehicle. But, commuting in general could be fun and entertaining. Just look at it in a different perspective.

As I go to the office today, I heard and saw lots of things. Good thing, I did not sleep, he, he!

There were these two passengers talking about American Idol show and how they route for Ramielle. They also talked about how Ryan Seacrest made fun of Ramielle’s short stature when she was told to hurry going down the stairs. They also agreed with Simon’s and Randy’s judgments of the petite Filipina’s rendition of “Take a Look at Me Now”.

The FX passed through a residential area and I saw a puppy taking a bath! It must be really hot at almost mid afternoon!

It is a Sunday so there were many different people wearing different kinds of clothes depending on what they will do for the day. I saw that others were going to Church. Some will have a date. There is another one that I think will go to a Sports Complex. Most of them, made the Jeepney stopped to a mall.

For my final ride, I saw this cute little girl seated beside the driver. Oh, he brought his wife and kid for work! What a way to spend a Family Day. At least they were together, eh! As I watched them, the driver somehow tried to cuddle the kid by touching her from time to time or tickle her. I can feel and see that they were enjoying that moment, and so was I….Yeah, so much, I missed my stop. Then, I had to walk a few meters. It was good that it was only 1145H. Just in time for my 1200 to 2100H shift!

That’s all folks! Till next time.

Ahhhh!!! I have been here in the computer for almost two hours and I have not opened the page that I wanted to open! It says, it might be unavailable or too busy! Obviously, huh! What to do now? i do not like to write a review of something I did not actually read because that is not a review after all but just a story focusing on a title or some keywords, right?

I am tasked to review about credit cards and about the instant approval page specifically but how will I do that if the page does not open? Though, I will consider myself as an expert in credit cards because I had more than ten before. I have to write that review before 12pm because if not, I did not keep my promise, though the deadline is still on March 7!

I am now praying that the site will already be available, oh, please! If not, I guess, I just have to write a story instead of a review. What do you think?

Statistics Obsessed

on March-5-08

I am sure that everyone is familiar with Alexa. I am obsessed with my statistics because I think I am working hard to improve it. I was victorious though for the past weeks as it kept on increasing until today! My Alexa rating went down from 885, 258 to 913, 881. That is a drop of 28, 623! I wonder what could be the problem? Am I being punished? I can see other sites that do not have an increase in their site meter counts but their Alexa rating increases by 50K each week!

I read in the Alexa site that your visitor should have the alexa widget installed at their site also so that their visit to your blog will count….So, what does it mean? It depends on the widget installation or being an Alexa member of all your visitors?

I am really disappointed because I think, my site meter or neocounter statistics should be directly proportional to my Alexa rating.

Updates: Alexa went down- 920 thousand something
today- 3/14/08- 930,347. Goinf, going down. I wonder what could have been wriong.

I am ready to post another article in my friend’s blog but when I opened the site, I saw that the previous one had been approved! I am so happy!

I am on an earlier shift today and my husband prepared for breakfast. I just jokingly told him that I would love a sunny side up egg instead of scrambled one…then Voila! He did make me a sunny side up egg with hotdogs on the side! I made the best coffee ( for him!), of course to show my gesture! I am lazy on these things.

Then as I opened my e-mail, I went to the spam mail section and saw that my application for an advertiser had been reconsidered! I got an opportunity, right away! Moreover, I have written it twice already for other advertisers so that will be sort of…no sweat, already!

God is indeed, good all the time!

Happy Wednesday! I pray that it will be a good day here in the office!

Yeah, I have been mentioning that I have no opportunities. I actually had one for March and I finished writing about it at my other blog. February was not that good also because I only had three opportunities of my own. I just miss the out pour that I got last December and January. Oh, well. I am still thankful though.

So, if you have noticed, I pretty much enjoying writing personal posts. It is okay because I can practice. You know, I am not really that good in scribbling. My vocabulary needs to be widened.

No, opps? Time for personal posts…And oh, okay…got to leave the computer and go on the household chores!

It is Sunday here already, tomorrow is a new day again and time to go to office for work…Lots of things to do!

I hope that I can continue writing about what I feel in this blog. My day to day encounter. Just about anything…

Life is like a wheel

Ang Buhay ay parang gulong.

There was even a show before titled Gulong ng Buhay

One may go from rags to riches- that is okay

But if it was turned and you go from wealthy to poor,

That is quite painful

The hardest thing is to cope up during the hard times

But when you stand victorious over all the trials

That is the sweetest part

Sabi nga nila, masarap lasapin ang tamis ng tagumpay

Parang alak na itinago sa matagal na panahon

Hanggang lumabas ang lasang di mo malilimutan

That brings life to this new blog of mine

Life is like a wheel

Everyone will agree

From day to day there are different encounters

Different events

Different places

Different people

All are riding in the wheel of life.

Finally, I am launching this sort of tribute to the One Up There! Only God could really give us something to smile about! He is real good all the time. We just have to look around as I always say and count our blessings!

I have always wanted to create a blog about God’s goodness. I did not know what hesitates me? Actually, I wanted it to be sort of a meme but as usual I am afraid of who will come or if anyone would join.

Anyways, in my privacy just like the beggar who secretly put in a coin in the offertory bag rather than those pharisees who broad casted their donations…let me praise Him in my own little way.

Thank you Lord for the following;
1. A new opportunity- in the blogger world- that would mean something to write about and getting paid for it. After some long hours of waiting- I got one! My very first for March!

2. For my company’s medical benefits- we brought Dex to the doctor yesterday and it is good that the consultation is free

3. For my good health

4. For my husband

5. For this house

6. For the finances

7. For the courage to face life’s trials as it comes

8. For my son- even though he is sick right now with coughs and colds and his coughing breaks my heart knowing that it is causing him some pain, he is still jolly somehow telling me, Mom, it is okay, no need to worry.

9. For my friend Tim– who You use for me to have more opportunities that really helps a lot in terms of finances.

10. For always knocking in my heart reminding me of Your great Love.

I give You back all the Glory Lord.

Thank You for always giving me something to smile about all the time!

On Setting Goals

on March-1-08

Hmmmn. Today is March 1, 2008 and on the 15th , I have been a PT graduate for 11 years already. Did I really miss my calling or make the wrong choice?

I guess I should not cry over spilled milk anymore. I still think that I can do it. But time is running and fast! All my friends are working abroad already and I feel that I am left behind at times. But, I cannot blame anyone even myself. I am not in the habit of dwelling in the past. I live by the day. Is it wrong?

I see people around setting goals. Even in my elementary days or high school days, the question, “How do you see yourself in ten years?” always pops up. I do not remember my answer anymore. One thing is sure though. I am not that person I thought I would be.

I always say that success is a matter of contentment and so is happiness. But, is it really?

Who does not want to get rich or have lots of money? It is not true that money is not everything. It is, sometimes.

So, for all the graduates, I hope you will hear that call. Take something that you really want to be.