Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

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Keeping This Blog Private

on February-28-08

I am keeping this blog private. I admit, I wanted to make more blogs for more income opportunities in the future but I think I cannot manage it as of this time. I will just make this blog as my online diary where I can write all the things that I feel.

There are only two persons who knows me well. I guess I cannot say even two, maybe one only as of now. That is my husband of course. He knows me inside and out. I tell him everything.That is my husband of course.

But, if you find me, feel free to read on.

Peso Devaluation?

on February-27-08

The value of Peso they say had increased since conversion of one dollar had gone down to P39.72 as I tried to transfer to a bank my remaining funds. Is this good news or a bad news? For economists, they say that Philippine economy is improving because of this but is it really?

Before, the reason that we usually hear for price increase of basic and non- basic commodities is because the conversion to one dollar is high- “tumaas na naman ang dollar!” . What about now? Ever week, the price tag of my son’s milk keeps on increasing!

A dollar’s exchange rate went as high as 55-60 to a Peso. Then it became P50 for the longest time until it dropped down to P40. To covert $100 to a Peso that will be P5000 before and to P 4000 now. Where is the P 1000? That could have been a week’s grocery or two week’s milk supply for my kid!

Tell me, what are the good effects of this? Couldn’t it be that the P1000 just went to some one else’s pocket?

I opened the envelopes!

on February-20-08

Finally, I got in touch with the banks! I opened the envelopes one by one then started calling them. Yeah, I opened demand letters and collection notices. It caused me sleepless nights (?) anyways. He, he… Nah, I still sleep soundly. I know that I will be able to be debt free again in due time.

So, how was the conversation went? I told them that I cannot pay yet and may I seek for payment arrangement. The initial reaction on the other line was they cannot allow me and I have to settle the full amount already. I said I cannot and mentioned a specific date when I can start. Well, they said that they will just call me again.

Yeah, it is quite shameful being branded as a person who cannot pay her debts. Bt, can I just declare bankruptcy?

I tried to talk to persons who underwent the same situation and they said that they just waited for the bank’s offer for amnesty. At first, they said that I should expect to be bombarded with letters and calls then finally they will just stop and plead for me to pay a minimum amount.

But, I want to face all of these already. I hope I can.

Do you know someone that could help me?

Google is indeed the number one search engine. Everybody uses it, right? Its logo is already pictured in our minds. This morning, I was about to search for the term lead management. I did not see the Google’s logo instantly because of my slow connection. Then, finally, it appeared and the logo really made me smile.

Wow, the people in Google believe in a lasting love! All of us would like to for that matter right? You could create a thousand stories with this picture.

Me, it makes me wish for me and my husband to grow old together with still much love.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

Hay, my husband is getting grumpier each day. Maybe because of his old age? LOL! He is still young at 47 years old. Me, I am only 34. Well, as you see, I love memes. I am joining one from Monday to Saturday. Yes, I do not have one on Sundays. One of the meme etiquettes is to visit fellow bloggers who are also playing. If you cannot do so, then at least thanks all those who visited you, right? As of me, I would really like to visit all those who took a peak at my humble blog. But, there are many hindrances at times. You know, I am a working Mom. These past few days have been tiresome for me. Being in the morning shift. Then I had to render overtime because I have tons of things to do. But, I think that it should not be an excuse for not thanking all those who commented on my meme entries. If I cannot, then I should not have joined anyways.Shame on me.

So, today is my rest day. Another opportunity to go and visit my blogger friends. But, the day started lazy. I finished some assignments then after lunch, the bed was inviting. We took a nap. The three of us did. Around 4pm, we woke up. My husband had to go to the grocery store, and then I prepared our dinner. After dinner, I was about to go on my blog hopping when my dear Husband had this Litany saying that I do not have time for them and I should clean the house first before sitting on my computer! Imagine that! Well, did I fight back? Yes, I broke down into tears and said some things.

Now he is there at the room while I continue with my blog hopping. I am still quite mad. I have lots of reasons but I will not write about it because all of these will pass anyway. In about two or three hours when I go to sleep, all will be fine. Then tomorrow is another day.

Okay, got to go and visit you!

My template

on February-2-08
Hay, it took me a day to download this very simple template. You know, I am not really that techy .Thank you to finalsense. com by the way. For free blogger templates, go to this site because there are lots and lots to choose from. It is just that, the navigation bar is hidden so everytime that you will create a post, you have to log on to blogger. Then, you cannot go back and forth from dashboard to the main page of your blog and vice versa. Besides this, everything about Finalsense is okay. After all, it is free so I should really not complain at all.LOL!

Yes, it is me!

on February-2-08

Well, another blog? Wala lang. I just want something that would really reflect who I am. Simply me. All my thoughts. No pretentions. My views about love, life, politics, health, economy and basically anything under the sun.