Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

How many of you have considered Funeral preplanning? Before, it is a topic that almost everybody avoids. No one would like to talk about death. It is indeed a lonely story. Today, it is different. Experience is really a good teacher. Well, we all know that as much as living a daily life has a cost, sending someone off to the grave is even more expensive and it is a one big time cut–a big chunk actually of whatever savings you have. Other people even acquired debts when an unexpected death happens, right?

Foreseeing his future

on March-31-14

An electronic drum kit as a graduation gift! Cholo must really be happy. Eversince he was a kid, he loves drums already! He has the play set, the real set and now the electronic set! What a lucky kid! Well, he would take up a music course for College. He is a composer and he is into loud sounds! Maybe he would be a musical scorer in films too. Well, that is what he foresee for a career. He want to involve himself in the music industry.

Monitoring the child

on March-26-14

I think the American Idol judges might just be wearing behringer headphones . Well, that is when there are contestants that sing above the tune or below the tune. Kidding aside, sometimes you just want to wear earphones and listen to good music rather than hearing a bad sound or all the noise outside those earphones, right?

Oh, that reminds me! We need new earphones! My son, he is always into earphones. We do not want him to play with loud sounds whenever he is into his games. We do not want him to do that inside his room neither. Well, you know, we have to monitor his activities in the computer that is why we are around whenever he’s using it. Just no loud sound.

I have a friend who sail the seas. I met him when I was still a teenager. Thanks to social networking that after decades, we met again. It will be his birthday this May 12 and I am planning to give him the best fender. Yes, he plays the guitar as I do too. We both love to sing also. I hope that we could really get together again and jam.

Protect from the cold

on March-19-14

Cold! It is real cold during this Season. Even though our country does not have Winter, December to January are still very cold months! Yes, to the point that an electric blanket would be useful! That cold, huh! Well, especially for the babies and the oldies, they should be protected from the cold weather or they might develop pneumonia. Watch out if somebody starts sneezing!