Parenting is the most challenging thing

When your child is growing up and learned to answer back–semmingly treating you as his equal–but then you have to let him realize, hey, I am the older one here and the one still managing your whole life– obey or go away! If only you can do that and still be the good parent, huh?

Parenting is the most challenging thing in this world as a life depends on you. What the child will become is partly how you treat him from child to the state that he will decide to be on his own.

Wishes to grant

Here is one I like for my son to have or is he too young for this- microkorg at! Well, we can share! We can dream, someone beside me is telling me right now! I just smiled and shrugged my shoulders as I know, one day, we will just be surprised and voila, we have this already! Well, Christmas is not yet too far! Imagine, it is June already. Yes, high time to plan ahead for the gift list. More time to save too for the wishes that you will grant!

No to boredom

I had this feeling of boredom this morning?

I was about to have my breakfast and thought to myself, is it what I just do everyday?

Wake up, eat, then work later, then eat, then sleep—a cycle of waking up, eating, working, eating, then sleeping, then waking up again.

Maybe, I really need to add some color to my life like additional activities.

Maybe I will also forget eating—hahaha!

Anyways- I must thank the Good Lord for the Provisioning.

As it is, I am very blessed with what I have now thus I should rejoice in it.

My passion

I was looking for my amplifiers and my partner told me that it is just there resting at the “garage room”. Well, she knows that I buy too much music stuff. Not too much for me though as I live for them, so to speak? Hahaha! I know I got someone out there who understands my passion and maybe also looking at this new found of mine- cerwin vega subwoofer at Well, I know, I know, I need a whole new room for my instruments and music equipments, no eyes rolling, please.


I did not search for this word musiciansfrined anymore as I know that it is a valid word. Well, yes, I am into scrabble lately. Music and words, my two favorite things. In my free time, I try to enrich my vocabulary while humming some notes and eventually, I will be able to come up with something. Then, those times that I am doing that will be considered as productive already, right? well, sometimes, we tend to really spend hours doing nothing but who knows, what you are actually doing is something worthy in the future. I have been thinking about back-ups and maybe I should really turn to my music prowess soon.

Not just online

For my friends in Northridge and who loves guitar, this is for you: I went to the site and saw store schedules and there are tabs regarding Lessons, Rentals and Repairs too. I actually clicked on the LESSONS tab and there I can really find an instructor. Well, yes, a live one, person to person who will visit me and not just online. I really love this site.

Looking for online jobs

Well, I have been sitting here for two hours and I have submitted a couple of applications. Who says that it is easy to find a job?
The good thing these days is that there are online jobs available that we could choose from. The key here is to try and try until you are accepted and you get your first blood.
I can still remember my very first opportunity worth $2. I was already jumping for joy then. Well, I never thought that I can really be sort of a Professional writer. I say that because if you are paid then you are a pro.
I hope that I could land more jobs soon. You have to put food on the table and mouths are need to be fed.

I am IN

I think I need to go back to Twitter and maybe sign up for Pinterest and Instagram as well. People do not read blogs anymore? I hope not. Anyways, I think I need to move forward and really join the bandwagon of social media. I am IN!

All that

How cool it is to play a jay turser electric guitar? That I have to find out later. We are going to a nearby town where a new band is playing in one of the more popular places there. It is a good thing to do this weekend. Relax, drink a little and listen to music and some dancing too. I cannot wait for tonight and be able to do all that.

Chocolate Dome Cake for Dessert

Free Chocolate Dome Cake for Dessert!

Thanks for the Birthday of my Officemate and thanks to her Partner for gifting her with that!

Now, I was not able to control myself with Sweets! I was kind of avoiding it the past few days.

Anyways, it is my time to treat them with Pizza for all their kindness.

This Friday, maybe?

Well, you get some, you give some!