Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.

Even after the music exam

on December-9-14

The decision on which flute to buy is on me. Well, our son has to perform Silent Night in his music class. Yes, it is an exam. We already bought one for him a couple of months ago but we did not know how he broke it or maybe the one that we bought was really not durable. This time, I should make sure that I get an affordable yet of high quality flute so that our son could create more music even after his music exams.

Time to reflect

on October-20-14

I woke up and it is already October 20? The month is about to end and in no time the year 2014 shall say goodbye as well! time to reflect once again/ What have I done for the year 2014? Have I accomplished anything? Did I just go with the flow again? No improvements at all? I know that I have to start planning if I want a bright future. Maybe I am just a contented person as always? It does not mean that I should not dream…

At our doorstep

on October-20-14

The weekend is over!!!! Oh, no! Well, if we can have at least more weekend days? I am sure women would agree, right? It is not that they could not do shopping everyday, huh! Well, thank you to Online Shopping. It does not benefit women only but men as well, of all ages! Well, even our son at the age of ten would like to buy something online. He went to an online music store and checked out an upright bass for sale. According to him, he needs something for his Music & Arts subject as they are being asked to bring a musical instrument. I would not be surprised if by Thursday that would be delivered at our doorstep.

I found it here! Yes, magnetic bracelets! I like to have on of those! Any takers? I mean any buyers? It is for health but at the same time a good accessory, right? It is September already, well almost, in just a few days. Start your shopping now and magnetic bracelets are really good gifts. There is one for you and me and for the others! It can be both for a man or a woman or for a kid or an adult. It is for everyone!

Constant interaction

on August-30-14

I am glad that I am back to writing. Well, maybe it is all part of God’s plan. Yes, it is and not just maybe. Oh, am I talking to myself again? This reminds me of the movie HER. Actually, it is like having your own world and being really alone that you can content yourself with a machine talking to you? Well, I am a believer of constant interaction between all living creatures here on earth. As they say, no man is an island.