Life is Like a Wheel

Life is like a wheel. Everyone will agree. From day to day there are different encounters. Different events. Different places. Different people. All are riding in the wheel of life.


on September-28-16

I need earphones when I watch movies and listen to music, that is why, I love shure 215! I can say that I have finally found the earphones suited for my ears as I can clearly hear all the sounds that I want to hear. No blurring or anything bad sound in the background. Just crisp and clear!

It is Christmas time! I do not mind to have stocks of earphones so everyone can give me that, I will gladly accept! :)

What am I doing here?

on September-28-16

Sometimes in life, you just woke up and ask yourself, what am I doing here? Am I happy? What is my purpose? Do I still have the drive to do the things that I do everyday? What makes me move? Do I want to move? Why do I have to do this?

Whew! I woke up like this! I think it is not good at all. Discontentment is trying to enter my mind and I need to resist this.

I need some reflection.

Bits and pieces

on September-16-16

I do not have a Dunlop guitar but at least I can buy Dunlop Strings for now. I am really glad that in this world, you got a wide array of choices in everything. There is also a way for you to experience such good brands even in bits and pieces first since you do not have the whole package yet. It really makes sense!

Deadly Mosquitos

on September-16-16

Beware of mosquitos! I think there is another strand–the ZIKA! I really could not understand how those tiny creatures could hurt us.. Sometimes, my kid asks me why are there mosquitos? Why are these created if could just cause harm? I just tell him that so that we will keep our surroundings clean–there are mosquitos when it becomes dirty.

Believe it or not, it is the first time that I have seen banjo picks! Pretty ones for the fingers! Well, there are also many designs to choose from. Moreover, these picks are very useful too since I can also use it for my guitar. I do not have a banjo yet and I think it is also my first time to see a banjo. I thought it was a double bass that is a bajo. When I thought that I already know much about music, there are still a lot to learn.

I am oozing with positivity. We should be in this very complicated world.
Well, there is a new President in our country. I did not vote for him but it is okay. He said that he will continue the good deeds of the outgoing administration. That is something. He also called for the healing process. That is good. That is positive.

Good hum or hymn

on May-17-16

I am addicted to Empire! Are you watching that show also? I love the music and the story flow. I am imagining myself as one of the artists in the recording studio. I wonder if they use lexicon omega desktop recording studio equipment. Great, great music and so many tracks to listen to! I really love music! I can sit all day ad just listen to a good hum or hymn.

Happy Easter Everyone!

on March-28-16

Yes, it is the time of the year once again. I actually love Easter! I met the love of my life during these times. It is just that, this day falls in a different day each year. I met my loves one Easter morning and I think it was March 31. Well, when was it? Let me check. Yeah, it was in 1991. Hmmm… nice date, huh! Now, I think I am inspired to compose a song with that title. Taylor Swift is really a music genius with Album titles, concepts and her songs! I really admire her.

One of my friends would like to go to Japan. He wants some Cozy Winters Reviews as he would bring some winter clothing in tow. I told him to buy online or try one first at the store. There are many options to choose from. I am sure that he would indeed have a cozy Winter with the way he would look. Yes, that friend of mine loves fashion and only likes to wear nice clothes!

House repairs

on February-14-16

Another leaf turned. The wheel is turning. I am so excited! Maybe we will have our Christmas Party at our house sometime soon. Yes, we are having some house repairs done. While writing this, I can see money being spent and never stopping. Well, I realized that we have a lot more to do than we just have planned. There is still the kitchen and the bathroom that needs to be fixed. Well, for this month, we are having the dining room and living room in line. Whew! No, the party might not be real soon. Maybe another two years time…that is if I want to still enjoy life or spend all our money in the house repairs.